An Offer of Instant Enlightenment to Anyone

Politicians, Group Leaders, Family Matriarchs or Patriarchs, Bosses, and YOU can find Enlightenment!

UpdateTo achieve instant enlightenment, we must simply realize that every baby is born unmasked, emotionally naked, spontaneous, boundlessly creative, eager to learn and identity-free. Then, we all are hypnotized, as our ancestors were, and pulled into an intergenerational polarizing, bluffing, card game-like trance. Here we are brainwashed to stay lost in ‘thinking’ that our life depends on needing to ‘win’ at any cost, so we manufacture ‘losers’ to fear and hate so that we can continue to delude ourselves with a lie that the people we learned to label ‘the other’ are our opposites.

Once we see how everyone is, to one degree or another, a prisoner of the alphabet, we can choose to bravely strip bare our conjured, card game-like identities and lay all our cards on the table, keeping no more family secrets and therefore telling no lies.

To “man or woman up” enough to do this – reclaiming of our original unmasked, pre-labelled life, living free from mind made trances as whole human beings – we must become our own de-hypnotizers by admitting to ourselves that whoever they are, mother, father, boss, politician, etc., our group leaders’ greatest fear is the same as ours — to have a pregnant moment of realization and leave  the life of being compressed like chickens in a pecking order. In these pecking orders, the leader of chickens picks a chicken to peck bloody, and the other chickens join in to peck the scapegoat chicken as well, often to death. If the bloodied chicken survives, it may become the lead pecker and find its own scapegoat to peck. As humans, we also follow these oppressive pecking orders, but there are some who are human enough to leave behind this group-think trance and understand that as human being we can shed all labels projected onto us as one group’s ‘other,’ and recognize that every baby born is our 52-card equal in essence. It takes courage to step outside this trance, to get off the teeter-totter lifestyle that comes from seeing everyone as either a winner or loser and risk losing our identity, but once we do step off, we realize that there is life after labels.

This Label Liberation website offers a free 15 minute visit where anyone will not only be able to give themselves a Label Liberation Degree, but welcome all of humanity to be just as free.

I guarantee that this visit will give you an overview of label-free living that is so transforming and liberating that all your dreams of success will come true, because once you give yourself a Label Liberation Degree, you will automatically welcome peace on earth for you and me.

-Justin Thomas, November 2016