Who is Justin Thomas?

From the earliest days of his childhood, Justin Thomas was subjected to abuse. At first the parental abuse was physical and emotional. Later, sexual abuse was added to the list. As a baby, he was thrown against a wall from the other side of the room. When he was a young child, his father held him by the ankles and dangled him over the side of a bridge, threatening to let go. Both his aunt and uncle sexually abused him. He was ridiculed and called names by everyone in the family. The rest of his life would become a journey to overcome their demeaning labels and the feelings those labels inspired.

Despite this horrific childhood, Justin managed to achieve some successes that were quite astonishing. By the age of 18, he had written popular songs that had made it to the top of the charts. At 23 he was signed to the William Morris Agency in New York and was offered the male lead in the motion picture David and Lisa. These and many other once-in-a-lifetime opportunities were sabotaged by his mother, often with Justin’s cooperation.

Labeled “retarded” at an early age and scripted to be helpless, hopeless, worthless and brainless, Justin never passed grade one. He reentered first grade at age 28 at UCLA’s clinic school for children with learning disorders. His quest to overcome the hypnotic, trance-like state in which he acted out the “retarded” role granted him a unique perspective through which to see how we all are cast and imprisoned in roles, a condition he saw perpetuating personal and social conflict throughout history. Earlier, at age 20, he heard about a conference called “Human Communication and Inter-Action”. The conference was for professors only, but he managed to gain admission. Two “master educators” explained to the professors the importance of “unlearning” what they had learned in order to be liberated and humanize the experience of teaching. To his great surprise, Justin realized that since, as a “retard”, he had never learned what the professors were being asked to “unlearn”, he was already in a place these people with Ph.D.s were trying to reach. For the first time in his life, Justin felt that perhaps he was not a hopeless case.

A goal began to take shape in his mind: he wanted to probe the barriers hindering human communication to get to the core of human conflict. This meant getting to the core of every kind of abuse. His soon-to-be-completed book will mark an over 40-year-long journey in achieving that goal.

By exploring the events of his life, as bizarre as they sometimes were, Justin came to understand that we are all imprisoned by labels and locked into roles that have been scripted for us. His book will tell the story of his journey to understand this predicament and find an escape route for us all.

In his forthcoming book, seminars, workshops and private interventions, Justin Thomas leads people through powerful encounters with the labels that have affected their lives. Using his own story of how he was hypnotized by destructive labels and struggled for years to break through their debilitating effects, Justin shows how anyone can experience Label Liberation. Hearing Justin’s “once-upon-this-time” true tale, people begin to see the roles they’ve been cast in and recognize how their lives have been restricted by these roles. Like fish who can’t see the water they’re swimming in until they “flip out,” people discover the option of living a de-hypnotized life. Even those who have already begun the quest to understand their true identity often find that Justin’s experiences and observations cause a paradigm shift that accelerates self-discovery.

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“What a clear mirror for liberating one’s life.”
Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D.

“Justin Thomas’ “story” is amazing! In fact, the expression “life transforming” seems very appropriate.”
David Chilton

“Label Liberation is an emotional equivalent to a cure for cancer.”
Katherine Hoey,

“Label Liberation is glorious, awesome, astounding. It means a lot to me.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D.