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Would you like to be seen as ‘A Person First’ and experience others free from all prejudging labels?

Experience instant enlightenment with this preview video and Agape Love song, and receive your own free  LLD – Label Liberation Degree (more important than a Ph.D).

Have you ever wanted to be free from fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and prejudice, etc.? Have you ever wanted to know the cause of all these issues and quickly transform them?

Humanity’s disease, deadlier than cancer and more addictive than heroin – jealousy and envy – can be immediately dissolved simply by recognizing that every baby escaping our mother’s womb were born unmasked, naked and spontaneous. Then, we were pulled into one pecking-ordered group after another, labelled, categorized, polarized and pigeon-holed by intergenerational thinking, hypnotized by each family and every and every other group leader to believe that we can only exist in a card game trance as either “a winner” or “a loser”.


To free ourselves from desperately playing out our scripted roles that requires bluffing and non-stop calculating, we need to move beyond automatic ‘thinking’ to direct perception, and lay all our cards on the table with at least one other person, revealing our family secrets. In this way, we can be as naked as the day we were born and have an instant ego death and rebirth right here on Earth.

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How would you label each of these figures?

Have you ever been labeled? Were you the “black sheep” in your family? The “smart one”? The “beautiful one”?

Have you ever felt that you’ve been cast in a role not of your own choosing – at home, at school, at work, or anywhere else? Do you understand how these roles have prevented you from achieving your full potential? This quick LLD – Label Liberation Degree allows you to welcome yourself home.

You are bigger than these labels

If you see the movie The Queen, starring Hellen Mirren, who won an Academy Award for her role, Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen Mother and Prince Phillip, with all their wealth, power and fame,  are depicted as being jealous of the Agape Love much of the world showed to Princess Diana.

To escape our collective hypnosis  and live life free from the polarizing, bluffing card game trance, whether we are labeled royalty or an untouchable, simply do as the Joker in the card game does – experience enough ‘losing’ and ‘winning’ to escape all polarities, and reclaim our symbol-free wholeness – laying all our cards on the table and living with heart-felt openness as a Person First, free from all prejudgements, here, now.

You are a person firstHere you can explore:

  • How these roles affect you
  • How to recognize and step out of these roles
  • How to “enlarge” and revitalize your life

Explore more in this video:

New Music!

Justin has recently collaborated with several excellent musicians to create a new, remixed and restored version of the original Label Liberation Soundtrack. These new songs are part of an exciting new project from Label Liberation, and are available as a preview for you to enjoy until a brand new beyond-comedy-and-tragedy musical is born. Click here to hear them.

Daring to Reboot Our Thinking: A New Documentary Project

Label Liberation Button: I'm a Person FirstJustin is currently working on a new documentary film, Daring to Reboot Our Thinking, in which he shares his journey of over 50 years to find and overcome the things that stop people from communicating and living together with Agape Love. Audiences will share his discoveries on the destructive power of social labels, group thinking and polarities between people, offering everyone a way to be free of these dangerous, emotionally paralyzing ways of existing, and give birth to living a life that inspires the rebirth of everyone’s inner peace.

Through his story, Justin invites us to take off all the masks and labels that the world has placed on us before we had developed the discernment and boundaries to say “no thank you” to all polarizing projections imposed on us by previous generations, who themselves were inducted into “lucky winner vs. unlucky loser” card game trances based on bluffing.

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An Offer of Instant Enlightenment to Donald Trump

For me to recognize all those viciously angry, like Donald Trump, have to do to free themselves from a desperate to win at any cost, polarizing, bluffing, card game-like trance, is to bravely strip bare of their conjured identity and lay all their cards on the table. To “man or woman up” enough to do this, they must admit to themselves their greatest fear of having one other human being as their 52-card equal in essence.

For that transformation to happen to Donald and those with mindsets like him and their families, I am offering them all a free 15-minute visit where they will not only be able to give themselves a Label Liberation Degree, but welcome all of humanity to be as set free.

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The Label Liberation Passport

A revolutionary new passport which lets anyone, anywhere declare themselves a Citizen of the World, free from all labels and prejudgements. When you feel you have achieved Label Liberation, click here to create your own.

“As a Nutritionist and a Trainer I realised that Justin Thomas gave me some training I really needed; the best human training ever, in being Me! Thanks Justin!”

— Anthony Di Pasquale