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How would you label each of these figures?

Have you ever been labeled? Were you the “black sheep” in your family? The “smart one”? The “beautiful one”?

Have you ever felt that you’ve been cast in a role not of your own choosing – at home, at school, at work, or anywhere else?

Do you understand how these roles may have prevented you from achieving your full potential? Watch this video to find out more:


You are bigger than these labels

You are a person firstHere you can explore:

  • How these roles affect you
  • How to recognize and step out of these roles
  • How to “enlarge” and revitalize your life

New Music!

Justin has recently collaborated with several excellent musicians to create a new, remixed and restored version of the original Label Liberation Soundtrack. These new songs are part of an exciting new project from Label Liberation, and are available as a preview for you to enjoy. Click here to hear them.

Daring to Reboot Our Thinking: A New Documentary Project

Label Liberation Button: I'm a Person FirstJustin is currently working with a talented team of filmmakers on a new documentary film, Daring to Reboot Our Thinking, in which he shares his journey of over 50 years to find and overcome the things that stop people from communicating and living together. Audiences will share his discoveries on the destructive power of social labels, group thinking and polarities between people, offering everyone a way to be free of these dangerous, paralyzing ways of living.

Through his story, Justin invites us to take off all the masks and labels that the world has placed on us and that we have put on ourselves, and see one another and ourselves as we really are: whole, unique people who do not need any group label to be complete.

Daring to Reboot Our Thinking is set to be released later in 2016. A preview of the film, featuring the original song “Agape Love (Open-Hearted Label-Free Love for Every Baby Born)” is available now:

Click here to see more!

The Label Liberation Passport

A revolutionary new passport which lets anyone, anywhere declare themselves a Citizen of the World, free from all labels and prejudgements. When you feel you have achieved Label Liberation, click here to create your own.

“As a Nutritionist and a Trainer I realised that Justin Thomas gave me some training I really needed; the best human training ever, in being Me! Thanks Justin!”

— Anthony Di Pasquale