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176small1Dr. Justin Thomas, in addition to television and radio interviews, has lectured to a wide spectrum of audiences, from students and teachers, to business groups and academic societies. He has been a keynote speaker at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Annual Convention and a special speaker at a Convention of Immigration Attorneys.

Among others, he has also spoken to a Convention of Social Workers, a Convention of Deans of Students at UCLA, an ESL Catholic Teachers’ Association, and the staff of the British Council. His seminars, lectures and workshops communicate the reality of living label-free and bridging the gender, ethnic, religious and intergenerational gaps. Justin Thomas reveals a new approach to crisis prevention and intervention, and a profoundly simple method for dissolving depression and violence, as well as awakening boundary-free emotional intelligence. He also puts a new creative perspective to stress and identity issues in family dynamics, education, work, and personal relationships.

New Music!

In late 2015, Justin collaborated with several excellent musicians to create a new, remixed and restored version of the original Label Liberation Soundtrack. These new songs are part of an exciting new project from Label Liberation, and are available as a preview for you to enjoy.


Label Liberation Book CoverThomas first published his findings in his seminal autobiographical book, Label Liberation, or How I overcame my fear of whores, royalty, gays, teachers, yuppies, psychiatrists, athletes, transvestites, clergy, police, children, bullies, politicians, nuns, grandparents, doctors, celebrities, gurus, artists, critics, mothers, fathers, publishers, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, whites, myself and you. The book was originally published in 1979 by McClelland and Stewart, who described Justin’s autobiography as a “true and daringly naked odyssey that will shock, amuse and enlighten as it probes the startling potential of the human mind.”

Read more on the story of the book’s publication here.

Read the first chapters of Label Liberation with an introduction by Justin Thomas’ father.

Disclaimer (without prejudice): Portions of this excerpt contain adult situations. Parental supervision recommended.


I’m a Person First – Label Liberation: The Art of Dancing Backwards Through the Alphabet

It takes an evolutionary leap for humanity to awaken to a healthy ‘pride’ and acquire an ego-game-free, respect for oneself and at the same time, the uncompromising sense of dignity and worth for all others, regardless of the script and role each person has been cast in.

Free Yourself From All Prejudgments. Unmask and embrace your essence, with heartfelt decoding of all groups, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism, etceteras, by discovering that each baby born has 52 cards within.

 “Daring to Reboot Our Thinking” Preview

In this five-minute preview of the upcoming documentary, featuring the original song “Agape Love (Open-Hearted Label-Free Love for Every Baby Born),” Justin Thomas and guests Mandeep Kang, Jai Dev Kang and Moni Ogunsuyi discuss briefly some of the social pressures that put labels onto us and the insights that lead to Label Liberation.


Off the Teeter-Totter

A two-CD set including 20 original songs and narration. A musical autobiography celebrating life as a work in progress. Includes the “Label Liberation” song. (Approximately 1.5 hours)

Download samples of the album (MP3 Files)

Theatre to me is totally naked. I unzip the fly of words.

–Justin Thomas, in The London Observer