Daring to Reboot Our Thinking: A New Documentary Project

Label Liberation Button: I'm a Person FirstJustin is currently working on a new documentary film, Daring to Reboot Our Thinking, in which he shares his journey of over 50 years to find and overcome the things that stop people from communicating and living together with Agape Love. Audiences will share his discoveries on the destructive power of social labels, group thinking and polarities between people, offering everyone a way to be free of these dangerous, emotionally paralyzing ways of existing, and give birth to living a life that inspires the rebirth of everyone’s inner peace.

Through his story, Justin invites us to take off all the masks and labels that the world has placed on us before we had developed the discernment and boundaries to say “no thank you” to all polarizing projections imposed on us by previous generations, who themselves were inducted into “lucky winner vs. unlucky loser” card game trances based on bluffing.

Seeing one another freed from the house of mirrors and the emotional roller coasters, we discover who we really are: process, energy, change. To be whole, unique people, we must be capable of embracing everyone’s fundamental, paradoxical oneness.

Discarding all group labels that relegate others into “the outsider,” “the stranger,”and “the enemy,” we use the lyrics and music of Agape Love as a treasure map and just for the fun of it, find ourselves Dancing Backwards Through the Alphabet.

When we achieve not “mind over matter” but “matter over mind,” and transcend “stinking thinking,” by breaking the “hell spell” of not wanting others to do well, we know what it is like to want everyone to shine.

By Daring to Reboot Our Thinking, we have taken the step-by-step journey through inner space from group to rebirth as a Person First, and like the caterpillar who escapes the chrysalis, we too can bravely squeeze out of the wombs of every stifling pecking-ordered group and dare, in looking around at our own and everyone’s unlimited potential, to fearlessly taste the out-of-the-box freedom of living life fully.

Unmasked and open hearted, we cherish the opportunity to ride through to the other side of disharmony and discord, toxicity and put-downs from those who have yet to awaken from their collective dualistic trances. Haters, with their jealousy and envy may try to trip us up again, but we have learned by reclaiming our own anger covering hurt well enough to love everyone unconditionally and not allow others to affect us when they see us as opponents. The card game trance we have escaped from is regrettably still their domain, where wars, prejudice, generation gaps, violence, alienation, bullying, and other crimes are par for the course and unsurprising.

From outside group wombs, from one Joker to the other, we know that every baby born, no matter what gender, age, race, religion or socioeconomic background, can live wisely by having a creative life filled with pregnant moments and encourage such freedom for our whole species.

The documentary is set to be released late in 2016/early 2017. A preview of the film, featuring the original song “Agape Love (Open-Hearted Label-Free Love for Every Baby Born)” is available now.

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