A Letter to Queen Elizabeth II

Originally published in Time Out, London, England


With my humble duty I have the honor to convey to Your Majesty that at birth and throughout your life, you have been an image, a symbol to those who do not know you intimately (and perhaps even to those who do). I have been a symbol, too.

If we were able to make a choice like your uncle, the Duke of Windsor, and decide to be or not to be a symbol (of what others expect), then living a role can be bearable and sometimes even exciting. But, if we have thrust upon us attitudes of what others think we are, should be, or should do, our lives can become a living hell.

Like yourself, I too, was placed in the role of a “Queen” or a “Moron” or a “Fool,” to name a few labels. You were praised by your subjects. I was subjected to the other side of the coin – ridicule and contempt! We both served functions: your role allowed your subjects to have someone to look up to, and my role allowed others to have someone to look down upon.

Like your uncle, I, too, have decided to abdicate my (toilet) throne. It was never really mine but rather given to me through fear and ignorance. Your throne may be more bearable than mine, but, just in case, I share with you my way out.

I remain Your Majesty’s faithful and devoted servant.

Justin Thomas

P.S. The two words “humble” and “servant” mean to me “respectful” and “friend.”