Experience instant enlightenment

justin_button_logo_animationHave you ever wanted to be free from fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and prejudice, etc.? Have you ever wanted to know the cause of all these issues and quickly transform them?

Humanity’s disease, deadlier than cancer and more addictive than heroin – jealousy and envy – can be immediately dissolved simply by recognizing that every baby escaping our mother’s womb were born unmasked, naked and spontaneous. Then, we were pulled into one pecking-ordered group after another, labelled, categorized, polarized and pigeon-holed by intergenerational thinking, hypnotized by each family and every and every other group leader to believe that we can only exist in a card game trance as either “a winner” or “a loser”.

To free ourselves from desperately playing out our scripted roles that requires bluffing and non-stop calculating, we need to move beyond automatic ‘thinking’ to direct perception, and lay all our cards on the table with at least one other person, revealing our family secrets. In this way, we can be as naked as the day we were born and have an instant ego death and rebirth right here on Earth.

The key is to reawaken our birthright – a natural spontaneity and the realization that we all are in essence Agape Love. Such an “Aha” comes about when we welcome every human being to ‘stop-acting’ a role assigned to us, step off our polarized family stage, and rediscover that beyond the pathological card game-like competition we were all brainwashed to robotically participate in, every baby born is a Joker with 52 cards within.

This realization, that there is life after birth, beyond a polarizing, card game-like trance, propels us beyond groupthink to the State of Joker. By putting all A-Z alphabets in the palm of our hand and blowing all the letters away, we escape all caterpillar-like group wombs and awaken to Label Liberation.

Acknowledging that we are, in essence, matter, and therefore everybody matters, we have not only left the polarizing card game-like trance, but have stepped off the teeter-totter and landed gently on our feet, having had an ecstatic ego death and rebirth, right here on Earth.

This living life, free from the need of any identity, allows us to recognize that, in essence, we are Agape Love.

If anyone projects onto you any pre-judging label, and requires you to contrast their winning hand or losing hand, feel free to invite them to experience Label Liberation. When you know that you take delight in every baby born having all 52 cards within, you are home free, and have given yourself an LLD.